Jimmy Kimmel Holds Grudge Against Jay Leno for ‘Tonight Show’ Shake Up?

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Jimmy Kimmel is still talking about Jay Leno three years after Conan O’Brien was booted from “The Tonight Show” after a seven month run. There was a lot of controversy surrounding NBC’s decision to bring Leno back as host, and three years later Kimmel still seems to be holding a grudge.

In a interview with Playboy, Kimmel said about Leno, “I always feel bad if I hurt anybody’s feelings, but I don’t believe Jay Leno has actual feelings, and he doesn’t seem to be that worried about other people’s feelings.”

Why is Kimmel so upset about the “Tonight Show” shake up so many years after the fact? It wasn’t Leno’s fault NBC decided to give O’Brien the boot. With a multimillion dollar payout by NBC, O’Brien made out pretty well after losing his dream job. It’s kind of hard to feel that sorry for him.

Everyone seems to have their favorite late night comic, but Leno seems to push a lot of buttons among his fellow comedians. Considering they make more money than most of us will see in a lifetime, their spat seems a bit petty.

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