Jimmy Kimmel Insults Jay Leno on The Jay Leno Show

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Not many people have been kicked in the nards harder than Conan O’Brien by NBC, but Jay Leno got a little taste of what it feels like to be hit below the belt on his own show last night.  I’m not sure who the genius was who decided it would be a good idea to have Jimmy Kimmel on to do the “10 at 10″ segment after he donned the famous Jay Leno chin for an hour on his show the other night, and apparently ripped Jay the whole time, but there he was.  It began in a rather benign fashion, but then he let out some zingers, like when Jay asked him if there’s any show he’d like to host, and Kimmel retorts, “Oh, this is a trick, right? Where you get me to host the Tonight Show and then take it back from me? Listen, Lucy, I’m not Charlie Brown.”

As this poignant article on TIME.com pointed out, the thing that really hurt Leno is he’s been trying to paint himself as the underdog in this whole late night fiasco, but Kimmel isn’t letting him off the hook.  He basically failed miserably at the primetime time slot and then the peacock network rewards him with a return to his old time slot, which is, in essence, a promotion.  Don’t go cryin’ to us, Jay.

Check out an excerpt of Jimmy Kimmel’s rips on Leno below:

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