Jimmy Kimmel & John Cusack Drink Hand Sanitizer

Jimmy Kimmel and one of his talk show guests, actor John Cusack, wanted to have a little “fun” on Tuesday night’s episode of Kimmel’s show. The two decided to test the new fad among teens which involves drinking hand sanitizer to get drunk off of the alcohol content.
The two men decided to have a swig—in honor of Cinco de Mayo (which is next week)—and to see what all the fuss among teenagers is about. “Wow that’s terrible. These kids are really determined to get drunk,” Jimmy said after taking a squirt. One thing is for certain, the guys may have joked about “inventing something” but there is no way this is going to catch on. Judging by the looks on Jimmy Kimmel and John Cusack’s faces, drinking hand sanitizer is nasty.

It’s amazing what kids will do to get drunk and/or high nowadays. If there is any amount of alcohol in anything, they will probably drink it. And Jimmy will be there to try it out too.

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