Jimmy Kimmel Joins David Letterman to Rehash Jay Leno “Scandal” (Video)

Jimmy Kimmel was one of David Letterman’s Late Show guests last night to engage in some reminiscing about what Letterman referred to as “the Jay Leno scandal.” Kimmel talked about hosting an entire episode of his own Jimmy Kimmel Live as Leno (“It’s fun to be Jay — it’s easier”) and also gleefuly retold how happy he was at “sucker punching” The Chin when he appeared on The Jay Leno Show to talk about “stealing Conan’s job from him.”

(Meanwhile, there’s talk of Conan O’Brien making a movie — something not prohibited by his settlement with NBC.)

“It was fun, it was funny, and nobody got hurt,” Letterman opined. Nice try, Dave, but you can probably expect Leno to go back to the “sex with interns” well after this:

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