Jimmy Kimmel Promises Prank of the Century at Emmys

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If you’ve found the Primetime Emmy Awards to be a little dull in recent years, you may be pleasantly surprised with the 64th installment of this celebration of the best in television Sunday—that is, if its host Jimmy Kimmel has his way. He’s determined to shake things up and ensure the event is packed with plenty of fun.

JimmyKimmelHWOFSept2012One thing that will liven up the event is the infusion of comedic skits throughout the event, including a particularly funny one boasting Breaking Bad‘s Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul. Although the skits and Kimmel’s jokes will undoubtedly provide comedic relief, he has something especially shocking up his sleeve; he promises the prank of the century.

“We are gonna pull a prank on the world. On the world,” Kimmel revealed. “It’s important to be watching because you can be a participant or a victim. It will be interactive. It’s at some point during the show, so you have to watch. If watercoolers still exist, it will be watercooler talk afterward. It will be water bottle talk because it’ll be the biggest prank ever.”

It’s hard to imagine what Jimmy Kimmel has in store for the Emmys, but it’s sure to be entertaining. After all, he has pulled some pretty good gags on his own show. His comedic skills have clearly been noticed by his peers since his show garnered a nomination for Best Variety, Musical or Comedy Series this year. Kimmel, however, claims he hasn’t given the nomination a “second thought” and is instead focused on making the Emmys “as much fun as possible.”

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