Jimmy Kimmel’s YouTube Challenge: The Halloween Candy Debacle

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Jimmy Kimmel is great at making people laugh, but it turns out he has a talent for making kids cry as well. Jimmy challenged viewers with a new YouTube Challenge this week, and the clip from his show is spreading across social media sites like wildfire. His challenge is called “I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy,” and everybody who watches it is cracking up hysterically.

In the Jimmy Kimmel YouTube video, which you can see below, a handful of families are featured. Jimmy jokes that when he issued the challenge, he didn’t anticipate that nearly every child would end up crying. Hey, don’t mess with a kid’s Halloween candy, especially just a couple of days into the sugar rush! Indeed, nearly every child on the video immediately breaks into tears.

The stars of the show, however, are the two brothers at the end of the clip. People across Facebook and Twitter are in love with these two little boys, who have the best reaction to their parents’ faux news out of everybody on the clip. What do you think – would you play such a joke on your kids? How do you think they would react? Jimmy Kimmel Live is known for great bits, but this one just might take the cake!

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