Jionni LaValle Dishes on Marrying Snooki

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Jionni LaValle and his fiance Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi became engaged earlier this year, but after giving birth to their first child in August, wedding plans were put on the back-burner. Now, Lorenzo is nearly 6 months old and his mommy and daddy are beginning to thing about where and when they will tie the knot.

“We want a nice traditional wedding,” Jionni reveals to In Touch. “We want to get married at least within the next year or year and a half. Not down on the shore.” Jionni and Snooki love the shore, and they even met there, but Jionni prefers to keep Seaside Heights as a vacation spot.

While the wedding is something on Jionni and Snooki’s minds, they still have a few things they’d like to do first—starting with moving out. “Right now we’re in the process of moving out. We both want to be out of my parents’ house before we get married. Just for our own sake and planning.” Parents can be overbearing during the wedding process, so with them living under the same roof, things could get stressful fast.

Once they move out, they’ll be free to focus on things at their own pace. “She wants to go to her church and we have baby stuff to deal with before all that. We don’t have to worry about that just yet,” he says.

Snooki has made it known that she’d love to have her wedding to Jionni on her spin-off, or their own wedding special, so how does he feel? “I wouldn’t mind it, but we’ll see what happens.” That sounds promising!

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