Jionni LaValle Has a Competitor for Snooki’s Heart?

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Although Snooki accepted Jionni LaValle’s marriage proposal, that doesn’t mean he laid entire claim to her heart. There is some stiff competition to be the one to rock her world, and the baby growing in her tummy isn’t it.

While the couple is running around chatting up the fam and learning parenting skills from a fake baby, there is another competitor coiled up at home, ready to strike to the core of Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi’s heart strings.

The Jersey Shore reality star tweeted a photo of this competitor, saying, “Rocky winking at the tweedos! He’s my world.” So, who is this Rocky in the picture, potentially coming between Jionni LaValle and Snooki? The other man in her world is her cat, Rocky!

It’s nice to see that Snooki takes her home life more seriously than she has on-screen in the past. A love for animals is generally a good sign for loving people without reserve, a skill she will need in marriage and as a mother. For now, it seems Jionni has nothing to worry about.

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