JK Rowling Announcement Not a New Book Scholastic Says

Harry Potter fans clamor over the forthcoming JK Rowling announcement and the mysterious Pottermore website, but they can pump the brakes on those wishful thoughts of more books. Scholastic, the publisher of the best-selling series, says the announcement will not be about a new book.

While the very first thought on every fan’s mind on hearing about the Pottermore website was likely: more books! According to Entertainment Weekly, JK Rowling’s publisher Scholastic has said in no uncertain terms there is no new Harry Potter book. So what then? Many have speculated on the possibility of an extensive website which has been a possibility since Ms. Rowling’s legal team put the kibosh on the unlicensed “Harry Potter Lexicon.” Another possibility is the announcement of the long anticipated e-book versions of the popular series; remember Scholastic said no new books.

It’s certainly easy to understand why more books would be the initial reaction, but with the final book tied up fairly neatly, it’s difficult to imagine where the story could go, so perhaps it’s simply better left alone.

Regardless of what the announcement ends up being, the timing couldn’t possibly be better to promote the final installment of the film franchise which hits theaters in one short month. Not that JK Rowling or the filmmakers need any help in that arena. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 is sure to be a slamdunk at the box office, still they probably wouldn’t mind some record-shattering results and every little bit of press helps.

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