‘Joan and Melissa: Joan Knows Best?’ Series Premiere on WE TV

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With the series premiere of Joan and Melissa: Joan Knows Best? it shows these two aren’t that different from any other mother and daughter.┬áNo matter how much we love our mothers, the thought of sharing living space with them again after being on our own for a number of years, is frightening. Having to do that with Joan Rivers would be the same, but with more fun infused in.

In the premiere episode, Joan calls up her daughter and informs her she’s moving to California, after being a confirmed New Yorker for two decades. Until she finds her own place, she figures she’ll just live with Melissa. The problem is, Melissa doesn’t live alone, but Joan doesn’t know that.

Of course Joan knows that Melissa has her young son, Cooper, living with her, and she knows there’s a nanny there as well, but she doesn’t know a male friend of Melissa’s is living there, along with Melissa’s boyfriend of two years. She also doesn’t realize the nanny is a very attractive blonde with a penchant for wearing heels, short dresses, and tight tops.

Despite everyone that knows Joan telling her she’s crazy, Joan embarks on this journey across the country, bringing with her her little dog that Melissa said wouldn’t be welcome because he pees when he gets excited. Joan brings him anyway. That’s just the beginning of her not listening to Melissa and her rules.

Arriving on Melissa’s doorstep, Joan is just as shocked to see the totally hot nanny as Melissa is to see the dog. Joan figures it out pretty quickly that these two guys are living there, and wants Melissa to admit the truth, but she’s waiting for the right time. Joan finds a way to press the issue about keeping secrets from by creating some of her own to keep from Melissa.

What makes it enjoyable is that the relationship between Joan and Melissa is just like the one that exists between any other mother and daughter. Despite the fact Joan is a big name comedienne, she’s still a mom and somewhat old-fashioned. It’s a side of Joan we’re not used to seeing. She’s a loving grandmother and can’t say no to her grandson, but doesn’t stop to speak her mind with her daughter. It’s all of that that makes the relationship and the show very comfortable, but that also makes it very funny.

Watch the premiere episode of Joan and Melissa: Joan Knows Best on WE Tuesday night at 8:00 PM.

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