Joan Rivers jokes about Elmo sex scandal

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“Fashion Police” hostess Joan Rivers poked fun at the Sesame Street sex scandal using her official Facebook account on Nov. 13, 2012. What did the famous comedian have to say after news broke that the puppeteer who had been the voice of the furry red monster since 1984 was involved in an illicit love affair with an under-aged male? “The hottest toy this holiday season is going to be the ‘Let Me See Some I.D. Before I Tickle You Elmo.'”

Joan Rivers 2009 showEven though Kevin Clash, the man who animates the popular puppet, appears to have had his name cleared by his accuser, the Sesame Workshop is still suffering tremendous backlash from the openly gay man’s admissions that he engaged in sex acts with a much younger individual.

Clash (who was in his 40s at the time he was allegedly involved with a 16-year-old boy) claims he had been involved in a longterm relationship arrangement. The young man who is now in his early twenties seems to have changed his story and is now admitting to the puppeteer’s claim.

The claims he had engaged in inappropriate sexual activity with a minor has now officially been denied through the lawyer of his accuser as a defamation of character lawsuit is undoubtedly brewing in the mind of the franchise’s lawyers on behalf of their most well-known puppeteers.

Rivers is known for making many politically incorrect jokes at the expense of others. Did Joan Rivers go too far by joking about the children’s show character Elmo?

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