Joan Rivers Not Dead, Blames Betty White for Twitter Death Hoax

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Joan Rivers is not dead. On the contrary, the acid tongued star of the E! hit show Fashion Police is alive and kicking. Her demise, just like the recently reported “deaths” of fellow celebrities like Jackie Chan, Tony Danza, and even Nelson Mandela is just another Internet hoax.

On September 13, a rumor somehow started on Twitter that Joan Rivers had gone on to that great comedic fashion fest in the sky. Rivers herself was initially mystified about how and why the rumor began.

“I don’t know where this came from. I did very well performing this weekend in Ottawa,” the septuagenarian comedienne told E! News, “I didn’t even bomb on stage.”

Be that as it may, the rumor had to come from somewhere, and Joan Rivers later came up with a theory about its genesis.

“I think this story came from Betty White—that bitch,” said Rivers, who went on to assure her fans that she’s too busy “with her regular appearances on E! [and] her stand-up gigs” to bite the dust any time soon. That is, indeed, good to hear.

Betty White, on the other hand, should perhaps watch her back.

Just saying.

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