Joan Rivers talks GoDaddy on Access (Video)

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It’s confirmed! The body that is in the new Joan Rivers GoDaddy commercial doesn’t belong to her! There was a lot of speculation (well, no one actually thought that was really her body) surrounding the perfect shape because the 77-year-old comedian Joan Rivers 2010 - David Shankbonemaintained a pretty serious demeanor while explaining it was, in fact, her body.


Joan was actually joking the whole time and she had a lot of fun with it on Access Hollywood Live (you can see it in the video below). At one point, she asks Billy Bush if he would like to see her breasts and says she can “life her skirt” to show him.

Joan Rivers was a surprising choice to team up with GoDaddy because, well, she’s 77! Danica Patrick and Jillian Michaels have slamming hot bodies and no one could understand why GoDaddy decided to go with Rivers. Well now it’s all out in the open! Joan is just that hot!



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