Joanna Krupa Considering Lawsuit Against Adriana De Moura Following Assault

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Joanna Krupa and Adriana de Moura got into a physical fight a few episodes ago on Real Housewives of Miami, and now Joanna is considering filing a lawsuit against her co-star. According to a new report, Joanna has even enlisted the help of an attorney for the case.

“Joanna is not just going to take this,” a source reveals to Radar Online. “She’s reached out to one of Florida’s most powerful attorneys to better understand her legal options after being punched in the face.” While Joanna insists that she was punched, Adriana claims that she never actually hit her and was simply pushing Joanna off of her. However, on the show, the camera was behind Joanna so all viewers saw was Adriana turning around and swinging.

“Not only did Adrianna punch her in the face, it took all of Joanna’s strength to hold on to Adrianna as she was trying to break free and grab a broom that Krupa believes she was going to hit her with,” the source told Radar. “Joanna is very nervous about any other altercations with Adrianna and wants to know what her options are.”

Joanna may be living in fear of Adriana now, but it is odd that she waited until the episode aired to consider filing a lawsuit. Was she waiting to see how the footage looked before filing so that she had a leg to stand on? Either way, this could be a messy battle she is headed for. “This isn’t over,” the source told Radar. “Not on the show and not off the set either.”

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