Joanna Krupa Gets On The Bad Side Of Feminist Amanda Palmer

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Joanna Krupa knew that her latest PETA campaign may cause some controversy, but the Real Housewives of Miami didn’t really care. She fights for what she believes in and no one is going to stop her or discourage her from that. That being said, feminist Amanda Palmer is outraged by the hairy photographs and is speaking out.

In an open letter, Amanda wrote, “You’re implying that pubic hair that shows/grows ‘outside the pantyline’ (which is normal/natural for the vast majority of us gals) is ‘unattractive’….this is the kind of sh*t Gillette and Nair would pull to hock product, and the sort of cultural beauty-standard malarkey that is contributing to a generally worrying trend.”

Amanda goes on to explain her concern about the message it is sending to young girls who will now be pressure into shaving and waxing themselves. Perhaps Amanda has a good point. While Joanna is trying to show how distasteful it is to wear fur, the ad seems to be showing how gross body hair can be. The message is kind of lost. If someone who didn’t know it was an add for PETA, they would have no idea what Joanna was standing for.

So far, there’s been no word from Joanna Krupa about Amanda’s statement, but stay tuned, she’s never one to back down — especially when it comes to her work for animal rights.

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