Joanna Krupa & Marysol Patton Dish On What Is To Come On ‘RHOM’ Season 2

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Joanna Krupa was added to the cast of Real Housewives of Miami for the show’s second season and now, she and the rest of the cast including returning cast member Marysol Patton are bringing the drama and the fans love it. So, what’s next for the show?

According to Joanna and Marysol, there’s plenty! The most notable, perhaps, would be the showdown between Joanna and co-star Adriana de Moura which results in a slap. “I don’t know what was in the drinks that night, but there was fight after fight after fight,” Joanna says of the infamous night. “Somebody was thrown in the pool, then there was a situation where Joe Francis was saying lies about my sister [Marta] and I, and Adriana slapped me. I thought I saw the devil [when she slapped me]. It was supposed to be a fun charity event, and it turned out to be a disaster.”

There will also be plenty of relationship drama when Joanna and Romain sit down and discuss a few inappropriate emails sent to a dancer at his club. “A lot of the things he told me shocked me,” she says. Speaking of relationships, Marysol’s ex-husband is returning after a long trip to France and the demise of their relationship will finally be discussed. “We were able to talk about what happened with the breakup,” she says. “It will be nice for the audience to see.”

The audience will also see Marysol and Lea Black address their problems face-to-face. Lea has been chatting behind Marysol’s back since the season began, so it will be good to see what happens when they finally meet. “We face each other and have a big discussion about all of it.”

This season of Real Housewives of Miami is just getting started. There’s plenty of drama to come so stay tuned and watch what happens!

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