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Now I’ve had issues with Joaquin Phoenix ever since he somehow took one of the most fascinating men in history (Johnny Cash) and made me hate the character. But lately karma seems to have caught up with Joaquin Phoenix as he’s obviously gone crazy. I guess the technical term would actually be “snooker loopy”, but you get the point. Well last night proved no sin goes unpunished as you’ll see on the Joaquin Phoenix/ Letterman video.

But a bit more background first: A few months ago Joaquin Phoenix (my God, it’s hard to keep typing that name) announced he was quitting acting to become a rapper. No, I’m not kidding: A rapper – one who raps, or, “gets jiggy with it”. He then proceeded to grow a beard that makes him look like he should be living in a box under a bridge and gives impromptu rap performances. Often when people didn’t even ask him.

Now there is talk about how this is all a very clever ruse designed by Joaquin Phoenix’ brother in law Casey Afflick, but I don’t think Joaquin Phoenix was ever a good enough actor to actually fool people. But then again, that’s because I HATE Joaquin Phoenix. Letterman was kind enough to have the crazy man on, and I think he paid the price for his kindness. But I’ll let you be the judge.





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