Joaquin Phoenix No-Show at Film Premiere

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Joaquin Phoenix was a no-show at the premiere of a documentary by Casey Afflect called “I’m Still Here.” Phoenix is the subject of the film.

“I’m Still Here”

According to Time Magazine, the film’s premiere took place this afternoon at the Venice Film Festival’s public showing, and Joaquin Phoenix was clearly missing.

Joaquin Phoenix has been “clearly missing” in the eyes of many since he opted to publicly denounce movies, grow a wealth of facial and head hair and state he was about to become a rap artist. That strangeness was usurped only by his bizarre appearance on David Letterman’s late night show, when he showed up looking hairy and rather withdrawn. His behavior was practically a state of incoherence. Letterman ended his show that night saying, “Joaquin. I’m sorry you couldn’t be here tonight.”


This strange behavior on behalf of Joaquin Phoenix makes one wonder what’s really going on behind all the hair and the dark glasses. This guy is so incredibly talented! What is he doing just wasting his life away like this? If anyone saw him in “Walk the Line” they will remember a handsome, talented man who was truly a master of many crafts.
Casey Afflect’s film about Phoenix is a documentary about the actor’s strangeness in recent years. Some are claiming the film might be a “mocumentary,” and they feel that this is all part of a bigger plan contrived by Joaquin Phoenix himself.
It will be very interesting indeed to learn how the film fares, and even more interesting to find out at the end of what appears to be a very dark tunnel for Phoenix, if it really was very neatly planned.
What do you think? Is “I’m Still Here” a real documentary about the bizarre lifestyle of Joaquin Phoenix or part of a plan for the actor to make an overwhelming comeback one day soon?
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