Joaquin Phoenix to revisit Letterman

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Just announced by CBS is the return of Joaquin Phoenix to Late Show with David Letterman.

This revisit, set for September 22, is the first in “nearly two years after a bizarre verbal sparring session with the TV host” says Digital Spy.

Both bizarre and verbal may be an understatement.

Appearing with his head down, sporting a massive beard and chomping on a glob of gum, the most the Walk the Line star offered Letterman to most of his questions was a gloomy “I don’t know.”

No wonder David told the Oscar-nominated actor, “Joaquin, I’m sorry you couldn’t be here tonight,” eliciting an uncomfortable laugh.

And no wonder the new documentary making the rounds now by Casey Affleck is called I’m Still Here since the flick chronicles a year in the somewhat lost life of Joaquin who had retired from acting and took up a sorry career as a bad hip hop artist.

That said, the return of the artist to meet with the talk show host should be fascinating if not filled with active verbal sparring, the hallmark of Letterman’s show. Still, we know Phoenix is capable of a good conversation. What we don’t know is whether or not he’s all here ever since I’m Still Here has brought the performer’s name back into the limelight.

Hopefully, when Joaquin Phoenix revisits Letterman, we’ll get a clue. Do you think so?


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