Job Summit

Here are some of my ideas that would help create jobs and stimulate the economy.

  • Drop minimum wage
  • Drop taxes
  • Drop regulations on small business
  • Give a tax free holiday month or two
  • De-regulate and let the free market take care of itself
  • Let homeowners fail if they are behind in their mortgage


Now, it may sound like I’m a Republican here, and you would be right.  While it sounds heartless, I can tell you, when my husband lost his job, I called our mortgage company and told them.  They told me, make your payments or lose your house.  We did.  Nobody paid our health insurance, and here we are.  We made it.  Some won’t.  I believe that’s capitalism at work.  It hurts sometimes, but this job summit is just a bunch of hooey.  With the unemployment rate at 10.2%, we need jobs, and free markets to set wages. 

A summit never made a job.  Even teachers jobs are being cut.  Nobody is safe in this environment, and if unemployment is at 10.2%, you know it’s higher because there are many small business owners who can’t get unemployment or those who unemployment ran out.

Good Lord,

Somebody wake this administration to stop the Czars and summits and do something.


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