Jobbie Nooner 2010 Kicks off at Gull Island – Thousands of Boaters Show up For Jobbie Nooner

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This weekend at Gull Island, the 2010 Jobbie Nooner fest will kick off. Beers, beads, and boats will litter the waters near Gull Island on Lake St. Clair.

Lt. Dennis Maurey, who overseas the water patrol in Lake St. Clair, says that there are already 8,000 people and 2,500 boats at Gull Island for Jobbie Nooner 2010, and he expects that many more will come.

“So far, this is kind of normal,” Maurey said. “There’s nothing unusual yet. Hopefully it’ll continue that way.”

Jobbie Nooner started in the 1980’s. It started as a self imposed vacation, where auto workers, who called themselves “jobbies,” would take off Friday and hang out at Gull Island for the weekend. The family event turned into a Mardi Gras free for all about 15 years ago, and now, Jobbie Nooner has become a wild party complete with stripping contests, copious amounts of alcohol, and the age old tradition of showing your breasts for beads.

“We’re out here to bring police presence,” said Macomb county sheriff Sgt. Gary Wiegand. “We want to make sure they stay safe and that everybody makes it through the day.”

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