Jobs Lost Under Bush; Jobs Gained Under Obama – The Economy is Creating Jobs Again

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As I wrote in an earlier post, the Congress and the White House haven’t been communicating the job data very well to the general public.  People have forgotten that the current recession started in 2007, over a year before Obama was elected.  And somehow people have not noticed that the economy and the jobs front has gotten better since Obama took office and the stimulus package went into effect.

Here’s a graph based on data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics:








See it larger here. Or here.

The red shows the growing job losses by month from the end of 2007 through January of 2009.  There were over 4.5 million jobs lost during that period, all of which occurred BEFORE President Obama took office.  And the trend was getting worse, big time.

The blue shows the job losses AFTER Obama took office on January 20, 2009.  Immediately the number of jobs lost started to decrease (we even got a job increase in November 2009).  Obviously there is more work to be done.  But considering that the economy was racing downhill into what economists say was a likely depression rivaling the “Great Depression” of the 1930s, the current administration has clearly put us the right track toward recovery.  Since jobs are a lagging indicator, meaning that private industry (you know, the “free market”) likes to put money in the bank before they hire new people and so job growth always takes a while to catch up to the recovered economy.

It would be nice if this graphic had been displayed at the tea party convention this weekend, the one where everyone is complaining about being “taxed enough already” despite the fact that likely 100% of the attendees got a tax break in 2009 from President Obama and the stimulus package.

Need another graphic?  How about this one from Business Insider that shows the economy is creating jobs again!







See larger version here.

It would be nice if people would open their eyes and see the reality and not just the ones that are ranting the loudest without knowing the facts of which they rant.

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