Jodi Arias’ Artwork Sold on eBay

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With the tremendous publicity of Jodi Arias’ murder case, it’s really not surprising that her family is trying to capitalize on her “fame,” to fund their trips to and from her trial, which will resume on January 14th. Jodi faces the death penalty for the brutal murder of her lover, Travis Alexander, on June 4th, 2008. His body was found in the shower stall of his Mesa, Arizona home, having been stabbed 29 times, nearly decapitated, and shot once in the face.

Would you want to own an original work of art by this admitted murderess? While the thought of looking everyday at a piece of art, knowing it’s creator brutally murdered a person, is morbid, it really does seem she has a gift for drawing. If only she had used her powers for good instead if evil, she would likely have a promising career at this point. The drawing and paintings are personally signed by Arias and being sold on eBay by 0817soldierofchrist. It is stated that there are many more available and that each purchase will come matted and framed.

As the trial continues, the prosecution seems to be making a pretty good case. Jodi Arias is currently saying she murdered Travis in self defense, though the multiple injuries and her actions after the fact seem to contradict that. She previously had stated that she was not at the home and hadn’t seen him in months, followed by a tale of 2 masked intruders breaking into the house and attacking both of them.

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