Jodi Arias Case: Which Witness Is More Credible?

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Jodi Arias case: Just because the defense rests (as been widely reported the past few days), doesn’t mean there isn’t anymore news about the trial. The latest update in this media circus involves the attack on a witness’s credibility. Of course, the defense is going after a state witness in hopes of discrediting them!

So this is turning into a battle between the state and the defense, as appeared to be the case during the similar Casey Anthony trial. First of all, the prosecution has called on Janeen DeMarte as a psychological expert. She’s making the effort to discredit the claims made by defense experts that Jodi suffers from any combination of mental illnesses, which include PTSD and battered woman’s syndrome.

Meanwhile, on the side of the defense you have Alyce LaViolette, who seems to believe that Jodi acted in self defense when she committed a killing that can only be described as a rage murder.

People don’t hack, stab, and shoot others repeatedly before nearly hacking their heads off — all out of self defense. Travis Alexander was likely dead long before Jodi Arias was done with him. Any forensic expert can tell you that overkill style murders reflect intense anger and rage — extreme emotions which result from the very human feelings of jealousy.

Which witness is more credible?

Who decides which witness is more credible in this case? Is Alice LaViolette’s “all men are abusers” approach to justifying Jodi’s actions more reliable than Janeen DeMarte’s analysis of Jodi’s behavior? What might happen from all of this conflict between the defense and the prosecution? If the past is any indicator of the future (when it comes to high profile trials) there might be a mistrial and this whole thing will start up all over again. It seems unlikely that there would ever be an acquittal considering Jodi’s story has changed multiple times and then she admitted to committing the grisly murder. When it’s all said and done, regardless of the witnesses on either side, that might have been the final nail in the coffin as far as an Arizona jury is concerned.

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