Jodi Arias Finds Her Sympathetic Target Juror?

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As Jodi Arias’s murder trial plods along with seemingly no end in sight, the latest buzz on websites is that Arias may have already found her “target juror.” In fact, recent questions from the jurors indicate that there may be at least one who is either sympathetic to Jodi, believes her version of the events, or believes she does not deserve the death penalty. Or perhaps, even all three. Yikes. What will the people out there in cyberspace who thirst for her blood do if she’s actually allowed to live? Or, Heaven forbid, if she’s allowed to serve a less than lengthy prison sentence and eventually walk free. Won’t the Universe implode? course not. However, the latest buzz does seem to indicate that the hapless Arias may yet have a chance at life. The first indication that she may have found a “target juror” came when a juror asked prosecution expert witness, Dr. DeMarte, a rather odd question about PTSD.

“…hypothetically, if a person suffered PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) from a bear attack while hiking , would you throw out their PDS test if they lied and said it was a tiger? the possibly pro-Jodi juror asked.Would the person be answering the questions the same way regardless of whether they called the animal a bear or a tiger?

The question probably referred to Jodi originally lying on the PDS describing the “traumatic event” as a home invasion by ninjas who attacked both her and Travis. She then switched to her current account of killing Travis Alexander in self defense after he beat her for dropping his expensive camera. According to sources, the “tiger/bear question emerged after all the arguing etc., which destroyed the idea that PTSD might be responsible for Jodi’s…testimony and selective memory, is troubling and suggests someone on that jury is sympathetic to Jodi.”

The second “troubling” question came on April 23 after a Walmart employee’s testified that no refunds were issued for returned gas cans during the time Jodi claimed she returned one of hers. Collecting gas cans could be seen as premeditation because she was trying to avoid a credit card paper trail of gas station purchases. Again, there was an odd question from one juror.

“Could a cash return be given without any record?” the mystery juror asked.

So, there you have it–such as it is. It is interesting and sad that this woman is, in the minds of most members of the public, already strapped to a gurney with a lethal needle in her arm–or whatever they use for execution in Arizona. It is ironic, ultimately unfathomable, and downright disgraceful that the sheer intensity of the hatred leveled at Arias exceeds the anger aimed at some of the past’s most notorious rapists, child molesters, and serial killers–including but not limited to Dahmer, Gacy, Ridgeway, Rader, Ramirez, Berkowitz, Buono, and Bianchi. Of all these evil men, only John Wayne Gacy was executed. Jeffrey Dahmer was stabbed to death in prison. Good riddance. Ditto for Buono who died in prison of natural causes. The others are still enjoying the hospitality of the penal systems of their respective states–a great waste of taxpayers’ money.

When Ted Bundy, who murdered 28 women (that were found) was executed in the Florida electric chair, crowds gathered outside the prison to celebrate, many of them holding signs that read: “Burn, Bundy, Burn!” He deserved it. Hopefully, a similar scene will never be held for Jodi Arias. She does not.

Just saying.

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