Jodi Arias Is Costing Tax Payers a Fortune

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Jodi Arias has become everyone’s favorite villain since her trial for murdering her boyfriend began. However, Arizona residents have an additional reason to be irked at her.

Because she is considered indigent, her attorneys are considered public defenders, and they are racking up quite a bill. As of Wednesday, her legal fees have reached a cost of nearly $840,000, which will be paid for out of Arizona resident’s tax dollars. How’s that for money well spent? Bet they’ve never paid so much for porn. It’s expected that, before this trial is over, that cost will rise to at least $1,000,000, not including court costs and the price to house and feed her in Estrella Jail.

Jodi Arias is on trial for the June 4th, 2008 murder of Travis Alexander. He was discovered 5 days later, in his shower stall, by friends who had thought he was gone on vacation. His bedroom and bathroom showed clear signs of a struggle, as did his body, stabbed 27 times, throat slashed, and shot. When Jodi was arrested, she first claimed she was not involved with the murder and had no knowledge about it. When presented with the forensic and photo evidence of her presence, she changed her story to tell of two masked intruders that had attacked them, letting her go unharmed into the desert, trusting she wouldn’t tell anyone about the incident that led to the death of her “friend.” Presently, she and her defense team are trying to portray Travis as an abusive pedophile, who Jodi was forced to kill in self-defense.

How much longer will this trial continue? How much more money will be spent trying to save the life of this admitted killer? Surely Arizona has better things to spend tax revenue on than Jodi Arias.

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