Jodi Arias Juror Speaks Out

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Marilou Allen-Coogan sat on the jury for the original Jodi Arias trial, which took place for the first half of 2013.  With that jury being unable to agree on a verdict of life in prison or the death penalty for the convicted murderer, the responsibility will now fall to a new jury, who will be selected for the retrial of the penalty phase, which is slated to begin in mid-March.

jodi-arias-travis-alexander-squareMitigating factors were apparently the reason given for the inability to reach a unanimous verdict.  Arias presented 8 mitigating factors, like “abuse” she had been subjected to and her artistic talent, with hopes that they would be enough for the jury to sentence her to life in prison, rather than giving her a death sentence.  

Ms. Allen Coogan believes it will be difficult, though not impossible, to find an impartial jury, due mostly to the heavy media attention that surrounded the trial.  She said, “They [the new jury] won’t have all of the emotional ties that we had. They won’t have the four-and-a-half months of testimony. They will be given a capsulated version.”  And they will receive this version with a slightly reined-in media shadow, as live cameras will not be allowed in the courtroom.  Additionally, there will be no “as they happen” updates, as media members are not allowed to tweet from courtroom.  

Is Jodi Arias fading into the background, forgotten along with all the other criminals behind bars today?  It seems, since the jury was unable to determine a verdict, interest has waned.  But many are still upholding the Travis Alexander legacy of paying it forward.  It’s a shame that this man was taken from this earth so soon.  There’s no telling what he may have accomplished if given the time.  Even though he went against his religious beliefs and “fornicated” with Arias, that doesn’t dismiss all the good things he did, like bagging up items and delivering them to the homeless.  Sadly, the thing he will be most remembered for is being murdered by his crazy, stalker, ex-girlfriend, in the most brutal fashion.

Hopefully, justice will be served for Travis Alexander and his family, who are adamant that the prosecution not withdraw the death penalty as a possible punishment.  They want the monster who did this to their beloved brother to pay with her own life.  

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