Jodi Arias Lawyer Receives Death Threat

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It’s not a secret that anyone having anything to do with the defense of Jodi Arias has become an instant pariah. There has been much furor focused at these people who, really, are just doing their jobs. The public hostility regarding this trial has hit an all-time high, culminating with a death threat being left on the voicemail of Jennifer Willmott.

Jodi_Arias_and_attorneys_20130417100419_JPG“You don’t have to return my call, but I’m just telling you: If Jodi, if you get her off of the death penalty, we will find you, we know where you’re at, we will kill you. I told Alyce the same thing, and we’re tired, and we’re sick and tired of you defending this person, and we will get you,” reads a transcript of the message. Ms. Willmott has declined prosecution. Similarly, Alyce LaViolette has received similar threatening calls, as well as negative reviews of her book on Amazon and requests that she be removed as a speaker at domestic violence symposiums. All because of her involvement with this case. Doesn’t that seem just a little much? You may not like the job they have to do, but they were retained to defend Jodi, and that’s what they’re doing. Would you rather they didn’t adequately defend her and give her more ammunition for the already inevitable appeal? This lynch mob against them is really unnecessary.

Jodi Arias is taking everybody down with her when she goes. Aside from devastating a family with the brutal murder of one of its members, she has lied to everyone, ruined the careers of several people, and made sure as many people as possible were humiliated and destroyed by her tales. Judge Sherry Stephens announced in court Wednesday that the case will go to the jury late next week, after a short day on Thursday and then a break until May 1. The time is upon Jodi. Her fate will soon be decided. Which side is the jury on?

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