Jodi Arias Reveals She Was Pregnant by Travis Alexander (Video)

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The latest development in the media feeding frenzy—er—Jodi Arias trial coverage is the discovery of a manuscript that the luckless Arias is reportedly penning in her jail cell. On yellow legal tablet paper no less. The eventual tome is said to be a tell-all memoir that will finally set the record straight about her life before, after, and especially during her ill-fated relationship with Travis Alexander. The most amazing revelation so far is Jodi’s claim that she was once pregnant by the late Mr. Alexander. Fortunately for him (and for the poor fetus as well), she miscarried. Right. you can see on the video below, HLN’s reigning dragon lady, Nancy Grace, informed the world of Arias’s literary efforts on her show on April 24. According to the fire-breathing Dancing With The Stars alumna’s interview with The National Enquirer‘s Mike Walker, Arias says Alexander did not take the news of his impending fatherhood very well. In fact, “his reaction devastated her. He was so cold-hearted about it, she felt as if he’d stabbed her in the heart. And it killed her to see how he could turn against her and treat her so horribly.” Of course, Grace, endowed with the instincts as well as the countenance of a bloodhound, demanded to know the particulars of Arias’s pregnancy such as “when the baby was due, was it a boy or a girl, what exactly did Travis Alexander say, [and] was it an accidental pregnancy.” Whew! Nancy sinks her teeth into a sensational story as if it were a chili bacon cheeseburger with curly fries. Alas, however, the answers to her questions went unanswered. Nancy called Jodi’s pregnancy just “a vague story she throws out there.”

“Like everything else,” Walker echoed, “in pretty broad strokes.”

The porcine dragon lady and the tabloid guy are probably right. Or not. It could have been true. Perhaps Jodi didn’t mention it in her journals for the same reason she never recorded Travis Alexander’s abuse—because he forbade her to do so. Anyone who saw the Ike and Tina Turner biopic will surely remember its chilling final scenes where Ike tells Tina she will never be free of him because he’s in her head. Accepting abuse is behavior learned over time. It must be unlearned the same way.

In the end, whether the tell-all tome remains unfinished or becomes a bestseller is irrelevant. Travis Alexander is long gone. The pregnancy probably never existed. And hopefully, Jodi Arias will not be convicted of first-degree murder. Hopefully, she can get some much needed help and go on with her life.

Enjoy the always entertaining—albeit annoying—Nancy Grace on the video.

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