Jodi Arias Thinks She Will Get A Mistrial

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Bryan Carr, friend of Jodi Arias, told Jane Velez-Mitchell that she believes she will get a mistrial, with the jury being split over her guilt. She has told a convincing tale, but prosecutor Juan Martinez has been right at her heels, questioning her story, showing that all the details don’t really add up.

Carr went on to tell that, when a verdict is finally released, Jodi believes she will not get the death penalty, but will be convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to time served, with 5 years of probation. Is she serious? While that is probably a possibility, it seems highly unlikely when faced with the evidence of this crime. The murder of Travis Alexander was extremely brutal, with his body being found in the shower stall of his Mesa, Arizona home, having been stabbed 27 times, shot once in the head, and had his throat slit, nearly decapitating the man.

Thursday will be the thirteenth day Jodi Arias has taken the stand, claiming she killed her lover in self defense, after he attacked her. It’s been repeatedly said that the injuries inflicted are extreme overkill for her to have been defending herself. Her repeated lies are what really make this case unbelievable. She has told so many, she even admitted that she couldn’t keep her stories straight. This is why this case keeps being compared to the Case Anthony case. While the crimes are not really similar, these women have shown themselves to be dedicated and accomplished liars, even to the point of thinking the police wouldn’t be able to tell.

What will be the sentence handed down to Jodi Arias? Is it possible that she could walk, after admitting to such a heinous crime? Or will she become the 4th woman to sit on Arizona’s death row? She has been waiting nearly five years for this: to see if she really did pull the wool over the authorities in this case. With the trial expected to stretch out until April, what else will be revealed?

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