Jodi Arias Trail Drags on as Case Becomes Bizarre: Writes Manifesto, Hopes for Fame

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Jodi Arias’ trial continues but her case just became more bizarre or rather she just became more bizarre. According to defense expert witness Alyce LaViolette, Jodi wrote a manifesto with hopes of selling it after her trial. She gave it to a friend after signing it. Arias was reportedly hoping the manifesto would make her famous.

Well, that’s just lovely. As if she didn’t have enough people who disliked her.

Such news as this weighs heavily on the minds of jurors. There’s nothing worse than someone hoping to profit from a murder they committed.

Still, chances are high that Jodi Arias will be able to sell her manifesto one day. She’s already become famous and a conviction will only cement that fame. Jodi may have to spend years if not her whole life behind bars, but at least she’s famous, right? That price is too high for many but apparently not her. Then again what else is she supposed to do for money?

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