Jodi Arias Trial: Another Victim of Her Lies

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As if Jodi Arias airing out the dirty laundry between herself and Travis Alexander wasn’t enough, now Travis’s former girlfriend Deanna Reid has fallen victim to her vow to humiliate many people over the course of this trial. In court on Tuesday, defense attorney Kirk Nurmi went to great lengths to expose the personal details of the relationship between Travis and Deanna, which Ms. Reid handled with much grace. Did anyone see Jodi’s eyes bug out when Deanna confirmed that she and Travis had an intimate relationship?

Victim's ex Deanna Reid testifies, 4/23/13

Nurmi went into shocking detail, asking if any of the phrases used in text messages from Travis to Jodi were also used when talking to Deanna. When she said “No,” Nurmi responded with “Must have had a different relationship than he did with Ms. Arias, correct?” Well, that’s pretty much a given. A person with any kind of self-esteem and confidence would not have sat around and let him talk that way and continued to come back. That’s really the million dollar question: Why, if he treated her badly, and used her for sex, and physically abused her, did she keep coming back?

Deanna Reid was also asked if she had ever heard Travis make any reference to sexual relations with young girls, to which she, of course, responded “No.” Now, it’s possible to know someone for long periods of time and eventually discover things that you would’ve never guessed about a person. But she knew Travis for ten years, many of those being when they were a couple. Pedophilia is something you may notice at some point.

And after all the questions from the defense that clearly made Ms. Reid embarrassed, Juan Martinez brings everyone back to the point, which is not anyone’s sex life, rather the murder of a relatively good man. He asked, “Did he ever strike you or physically advance on you or inflict any physical violence on you?” and Deanna replied, “No, never.” Never.

It won’t be long before the fate of Jodi Arias will be in the hands of the jurors. There are only so many lives she can destroy before her time comes. It seems incredibly unlikely that she will walk, as she has already admitted to stabbing, shooting, and slitting the throat of her lover on June 4, 2008. So probably jail time or the death penalty. The defense did enter a motion to give the jury the option of Manslaughter by Sudden Quarrel or Heat of Passion. The prosecution, however, has made a good case, showing that she may have planned this murder. What will they decide is the appropriate punishment for her crime?

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