Jodi Arias Trial: Autopsy Photos Shown

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Jodi Arias appeared to cry and even looked as though she were going to vomit at one point when graphic autopsy photos of Travis Alexander were shown during the murder case Tuesday. She is accused of stabbing him 29 times (previously reported 27), slitting his throat to the spine, and shooting him in the head.

Maricopa County Medical Examiner Kevin Horn testified today that such force was used in stabbing Travis in the back of the head that it chipped away a portion of his skull bone. With regard to the horrifying neck wound, he stated: “The jugular vein and carotid artery are both cut. It goes all the way back to the spine, three or four inches. It doesn’t go through the spinal cord, but it cuts all the soft tissue and structure in front of the neck.” The ME suggested that after such a wound, Travis may have been able to get up and walk a few feet, but he would then collapse and lose consciousness. Could that be the explanation for the large amounts of blood smeared throughout the hallway, ending in a large pool behind the bedroom door? Could Alexander have been trying to escape, to save his own life? Mr. Horn also stated that, due to lack of bleeding in the brain, it’s likely the gunshot wound was inflicted after he was already dead, but it was difficult to determine that, as the brain was well into the decomposition state, and almost liquid when the autopsy was performed.

Pictures shown in court, which are available to view if you’re a member of the Arizona v Jodi Arias Facebook Group, depicted the defensive wounds on Travis Alexander’s hands, which are clearly decayed. Another never-before-seen picture of Alexander’s body being dragged, presumably by Arias, only depicts the right foot and leg, covered by black pants with a blue stripe, of the person dragging the body.

Alexander’s sisters had to leave the courtroom while these pictures were shown, overcome with emotion at the state of the remains of their beloved brother, the 30-year-old entrepreneur and motivational speaker, who had his whole happy life ahead of him. His life was, admittedly, taken by Jodi Arias, who is currently claiming to have inflicted these deadly injuries in self defense, after originally claiming to have no knowledge of the brutal attack, and then claiming she witnessed two masked intruders attacking Alexander and she managed to escape.

PHOTO: Jodi Arias listens in court during her murder trial on Jan. 8, 2013.

This broad has lost it. If she truly thinks anyone is going to buy self defense, she’s fooling herself. However, it’s Arizona law that it’s the burden of the prosecution to prove it wasn’t. It seems more likely that she showed up at his house and they spent the afternoon romping around in his bed. After this, he took a shower, then, at some point around 5:31 p.m. on June 4, 2008, he said something that led her into a blind rage. As he faced the bathroom sink, Arias began to stab Alexander in the back and head. At this point, he likely turned to defend himself, causing the defensive wounds on his hands. As he turned, she saw an opening to stab him in the heart, which would account for the blood spatter and smeared blood found on the sink. At this point, he stumbles down the hallway, smearing his blood on the walls. As the hallway opens into the bedroom, he falls and she climbs on his back and slits his throat, which would cause the massive amount of blood in this area. Alexander likely lost consciousness at this point. She dragged his body back into the bathroom, where, at some point, she shot him in the head, kind of the “Take that, sucker” to her crime. That, of course, is just one possible theory of the way of the attack and in no way a definitive of what actually happened.

Court is to resume Wednesday at 10:30 a.m. MT, but it seems time is not relevant in this case. Today’s late start, as well as the constant and lengthy breaks make it entirely likely that this case will take months. If the Casey Anthony trial was run this way, there still wouldn’t be a verdict. Will Jodi Arias be sentenced to die for the brutal murder of Travis Alexander? Bookmark this link for continued coverage.

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