Jodi Arias: Trial Begins Today

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Jury selection for Jodi Arias’ murder trial will begin Monday, as she prepares to fight for her life, accused of murdering her lover, Travis Alexander, on June 9th, 2008. She was arrested on July 15, 2008, accused of shooting, stabbing, and slitting the throat of Alexander in his Mesa, Arizona bathroom. His body was found days later, by roommates who thought he had gone on vacation.

Travis and me, right before I was baptized. in In Loving Memory of Travis Alexander by

Jodi, a photographer, and Travis, a motivational speaker, had dated for 5 months in 2006-2007, even living together for a short time. Others described their relationship as obsessive, with Jodi even being baptized in the Mormon church because she wanted to get married. Her MySpace page shows several pictures of the couple, whose sexual relationship continued after their breakup, on various vacations, during happier times.

A camera found in the washing machine of Alexander’s home shows pictures of both Arias and Alexander in suggestive nude poses, followed by pictures of Travis’ body on the shower floor. Arias at first claimed that she wasn’t present when he died, then saying intruders came into the home and killed him. Currently, her story is that she murdered Travis in self-defense. DNA evidence and prints at the scene confirm she was there when he was slain.

Will Jodi Arias get the death penalty? Her lawyers don’t think it’s appropriate, as she didn’t intend to kill him, but the case judge disagreed. It would make her Arizona’s 4th woman to sit on death row, probably not the kind of notoriety she hoped to reach. Really, it sounds like Jodi Arias is bat-shit nuts. It seems as though the only person who doesn’t think she committed a crime is Arias herself, at one point, even requesting to represent herself during her trial. It’s doubtful that this was the ending that either of these two would’ve wanted. Who hasn’t been involved with someone who loved you more than you loved them? Or vice versa. While most situations don’t go this far, it’s not a altogether far-fetched story. And, yet, justice must be served.

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