Jodi Arias Trial: Defense Questions, Take 2

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Defense attorney Kirk Nurmi will begin his redirect on Monday, attempting to show that his client, Jodi Arias, is credible witness. He has a tough job, as prosecutor Juan Martinez has done a stellar job discrediting many details that she has testified to. However, according to Arizona law, he won’t get to recross examine. If he could, this trial could go on even longer. It’s already been going on for 2 months, mostly due to the short court days and numerous days off.

After Nurmi finishes the redirect examination, the jury will have the opportunity to ask questions of Jodi, which is not a common practice, but is allowed in Arizona courts. If you think about it, it’s kind of a good idea, and a time saver for when they go to decide the verdict. Theoretically, they won’t have as many questions if they have all been answered. After this, the defense may choose to rest, or they may call more witnesses. It’s expected that they will call a psychologist and a domestic violence expert, which may help their case.

Once the defense rests, the prosecution can call rebuttal witnesses to refute the defense’s case, then the case will go to the jury. After all the crazy, kinky details that have been exposed during the course of this trial, what is the jury thinking? Are they buying the self defense? Do they believed that Jodi Arias did stab Travis Alexander 27 times, slit his throat, nearly decapitating him, and shot him, in defense of her own life? Or are they with the prosecution, that she premeditated the murder, driving 1000+ miles for a sexual encounter and to kill her lover in a jealous rage? Their job is not one to envy, as they have the difficult task of deciding if the abuse by Travis is another of Jodi’s lies, like her first two defenses—first that she wasn’t there, and then that the two of them were attacked by masked ninjas. These men and women have to decide whether or not to sentence Jodi to death. What do you think the verdict will be?

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