Jodi Arias Trial: Defense Requests a Mistrial… Again

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Jodi Arias defense team has once again requested a mistrial, this time on the grounds of juror misconduct. Apparently, Juror 5 made some comments to other jurors about recent instances of prosecutor Juan Martinez being treated as a hero, signing autographs and being greeted by the throngs of Travis Alexander supporters. Additionally, the defense is claiming another instance of prosecutorial misconduct for the prosecutor obliging his new fan base, claiming his actions may have tainted the jury, likely by showing that a great portion of the public is on Team Travis. Jodi is facing the death penalty for Alexander’s brutal 2008 murder.

With the juror issue, Kirk Nurmi suggested removal of Juror 5, who would then be replaced by an alternate; leaving 5 other alternates, and the 12 jurors who will decide the fate of Ms. Arias. Will she be found guilty of premeditated first degree murder? If the jury believes the prosecution has adequately shown that she did drive over 1000 miles with the intention of killing Travis, she will. Well, probably. Or will the jury give her a lighter sentence, believing Jodi Arias’s tale of self defense against the Mormon motivational speaker? The trail appears to be drawing to a close, though it may be a few more days before closing statements. And then a few more for the verdict. There has been much information thrown at the jurors and they are entitled to some time to process it before putting a woman to death; even if the woman in question has admitted to shooting her lover in the head, stabbing him 27 times, and slitting his throat, nearly decapitating him.

The defense has asked for several mistrials, clearly as a ploy to save the life of their client. However, this trial has already cost Arizona tax payers over $1.4 million. At some point, one would have to ask if it’s really worth it. Social media seems to be split on her likelihood to re-offend in such a manner, but it seems unlikely she will ever be freed either way.

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