Jodi Arias Trial: Dismissed Juror # 5 Shows Up in Court Unannounced—Why?

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The freak show also known as the Jodi Arias murder trial grows curiouser and curiouser. The latest development is that Juror # 5, who was dismissed last week for misconduct, has returned. Yes, the porcine lady with the two-toned bouffant hairdo suddenly showed up in court on April 5. Why? Is she going to write a book? Does she want her own reality show? Or is she just another Jodi-hater?

Yes, the former juror crashed the afternoon session as if it were a wedding, and she even had the audacity to sit behind Arias’ family. Of course, that wasn’t really so audacious considering Jodi’s parental units had no qualms about bad mouthing her to the cops. Ouch.

Anyway, Juror # 5, who bears a frightening resemblance to media maven and Dancing With The Stars alumna, Nancy Grace, had reportedly “asked the media to respect her privacy after she was expelled”. Alas, her desire for privacy was obviously no match for her desire for her magical fifteen minutes. Judge Stephens banned the jurors from speaking to her, and forbade the media to approach her. Yikes. How’s a girl supposed to get a book or T.V. deal if she can’t work the (court)room? What’s an enterprising woman to do?

Apparently nothing. Stephens posted a bailiff beside Juror # 5 to discourage the curious. Members of the press were shooed from the courtroom at the end of the session, and the colorfully coiffed former juror left the building escorted by the bailiff and a guard.

So, there you have it. Or not really. Unless this woman is terminally bored, she must have ulterior motives for hanging out at the trial. If she’s trying to parlay her brief brush with notoriety into a payday, then more power to her. Seriously. This is America, the land of opportunity. She’s free to earn money in any legal manner. What is truly disturbing however is the possibility—nay—the probability that Juror # 5 is part of the burgeoning group of women who seem to have embarked on a Carrie Nation-style crusade to convict and kill Arias. These ladies have formed a bizarre sisterhood of virulent haters of all ages, classes, races, and backgrounds. Their common denominator is their fervent (hysterical?) belief that Arias should receive the maximum punishment. Their common goal is to see her die. So intense is the negative emotion cathected in Arias’ crime and what they hope will be her punishment that one could believe that they had been in love with Travis Alexander. Or at least knew him personally. Maybe that’s why Juror # 5 wept when she was dismissed. Why are women so emotionally involved in seeing another woman brought to what they erroneously perceive as justice?

Well, there’s an answer to that, too. Women are herd animals. And as such, they become skittish when one of their kind breaks free and/or behaves in an unexpected, unacceptable manner. Often in their anxiety and confusion, they turn on the member of the pack who has “gone rogue”, believing that the individual’s demise will somehow restore a sense of order to their existence. That pretty much sums up the strange case of Jodi Arias and the women who clamor, with such profligate glee, for her premeditated murder conviction and execution.


Stay tuned.

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