Jodi Arias Trial: Experts Have Conflicting Opinions

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Unspecified issues, speculated to be another Jodi Arias migraine, caused an early dismissal for the jury today in the Travis Alexander murder trial. Like this trial needs any further delays. Since the trial began on January 2nd, there has only been 49 days of testimony, including Wednesday’s testimony by Dr. Janeen DeMarte. She said, according to her analysis, Jodi does not suffer from Battered Woman Syndrome, but she did exhibit signs of self esteem and identity issues. Shocking, right? She also spoke in detail about a test for PTSD that she administered to the defendant, which showed both anxiety and depression, as well as a high IQ, which could mean that Jodi suffers from PTSD or some other personality disorders. Most people would tend to agree with this, as a “normal” person probably wouldn’t stab someone 27 times, slit their throat, and shoot them in the head.

Dr. DeMarte’s testimony seemed to be in direct conflict with the testimony of domestic violence expert, Alyce LaViolette, who claimed that the (unproven) abuse Jodi suffered at the hands of her murder victim made her a victim of BWS. However, there has really been limited mention of the supposed abuse and no corroboration, since seemingly every other person who knew him loved him and has nothing but wonderful things to say about him.

Much of Jennifer Willmott’s cross examination consisted of questions regarding DeMarte’s education and hourly rates, which are exactly the same as LaViolette’s. This was one of the primary focuses of prosecutor Juan Martinez when the defense expert was on the stand, so it’s only fitting for the defense to pose the same questions. There did seem to be a great deal of confusion (and hostility) on the part of Ms. Willmott, during her questioning about DeMarte’s education and credentials, implying that the defense expert was somehow unqualified to provide an opinion about Jodi Arias’ behavior and actions. However, anyone listening can see a clear difference in the testimony of the defense experts and that of Dr. DeMarte.

What is the draw of this trial? It has truly become a social media circus, with many spectators calling for Jodi’s head on a platter, while others have gone to great lengths to protect her, proclaiming her innocence from the rooftops. Truth of the matter is, no matter what anyone says, the final decision is that of the jury. Are they believing her tales of self defense or do they see a cold blooded murder behind the glasses? Jodi faces the death penalty if convicted.

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