Jodi Arias Trial Is Down Another Juror

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Another juror has been dismissed from the Jodi Arias murder trial. Due to unspecified health issues, Juror #11 has been removed from the panel, leaving 16 jurors, to choose 12 from, when the fate of the defendant is to be decided. Another juror, #5, was dismissed earlier this month, for misconduct, allegedly making bias statements to other jury members. The defense requested that she be removed or there be a mistrial. So out the door she went. But she came back the next day to view testimony. Some wonder how this can be allowed, but it’s not believed that she has shown up again. Apparently getting a seat in the courtroom is not as easy as one may think.

Booted Arias juror: I'm not talking!

This jury has been in place since December, with the trial starting on January 2nd. Still, there has only been 46 days of testimony. They have heard from several forensic experts, the medical examiner, two former female friends of the victim, Mormon motivational speaker and entrepreneur, Travis Alexander. There has also been testimony from law enforcement, experts on mental issues and domestic violence, and, of course, the one and only, Jodi Arias, herself, who graced the court with her presence for 18 days, regaling spectators with her tale of a woe-is-me life, and her relationship with Travis, leading into how he abused her and was a pedophile. Seriously? Show the real evidence of that.

Prosecutor Juan Martinez is doing his best to prove that Jodi premeditated the murder of her lover, stealing a gun from her grandparents’ house, and driving over 1000 miles in a non-descript rental car, only to tell not one, but 2 blatant lies to cover up what happened. She then changed her story again to tell of an attack by the now-deceased Travis, which prompted Jodi to fight for her own life, stabbing him 27 times, slitting his throat, and shooting him in the head.

The defense, obviously, is making an attempt to show that Travis was indeed the abusive pedophile Jodi claims, in spite of all other accounts of the man being of an entirely positive nature. Psychologist Richard Samuels and domestic violence expert Alyce LaViolette have both become hated individuals for giving their opinions on some of the questioned factors of the case. Nobody is loving that these two are in defense of Arias, but someone would have to be. It doesn’t really matter who filled these spaces, those people would be hated. Ever wonder if she talked to any other therapists who told her attorneys there was no way they would tarnish their reputation by testifying in this case?

When the time comes, which could be another month out, 12 members of the jury will be selected to decide if Jodi Arias should receive the death penalty or a lesser sentence. As they are not privy to all the little details released through social media, only hearing what is said in court, what are they thinking? Are they believing her a victim of violence or are they seeing a woman who cold-bloodedly murdered in a jealous rage? Stay tuned.

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