Jodi Arias Trial: Rebuttal Witnesses Prove She Lied

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Deanna Reid, a former girlfriend and longtime friend of Travis Alexander, was the primary witness on the stand today, testifying as a prosecution rebuttal witness in the case against Jodi Arias. If anyone really knew Travis, it would be Deanna, as they had known each other for ten years and had been a couple for several of those years, before Travis met Jodi. If you recall, during Jodi’s testimony, she made mention of Travis keeping her a secret to not upset Ms. Reid.

HLN and News Outlets Resume Live Online Video Coverage of Jodi Arias TrialAdditionally, a friend of Travis testified that he had often seen the two being affectionate in social situations, which contradicts Jodi’s claims that he only used her and kept her hidden from his friends. Two other witnesses surely never expected their testimony would be necessary. The first, an employee of Wal-Mart, showed that she had checked through every register used in the Salinas, CA store for June 3, 2008, and had found no returns for a gas can, which contradicts Jodi’s claims that she did not have a third gas can. The other witness, an employee of Tesaro, who explained some of their purchase policies as to why Jodi’s receipts were different. With her explanation, it seems that she unsuccessfully tried to avoid going into the gas station to complete her three separate gas transactions.

On the stand as this “goes to print” is the computer expert, who is testifying as to what he found, or rather, didn’t find on Travis Alexander’s computer. Jodi Arias has been trying to convince the jury that, in addition to abusing her, Travis was also a pedophile. Detective Melendez told the jury he found no images of pornography of any kind, including of children, in any file on his computer. Nothing, nada, zip. So, while Travis was not perfect, while he made mistakes, he was not a child molester.

It would seem this trial is winding down, with today being the 52nd day of testimony, though it has taken nearly four months to get here. Normally, closing arguments would be after the rebuttal witnesses, but the defense is pulling out some moves late in the game, trying to get their chance to throw in another “expert” witness. They are also asking that the jury be given another option as to her sentencing, which would appear they are throwing in the towel. Soon, the jury will decide the fate of Travis’s murderer. Will she be sentenced to die or will she spend her life in an Arizona prison?

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