Jodi Arias Trial: She Just Keeps Lying

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Jodi Arias’ mother wept in court Monday, after listening to her daughter tell investigators that she would never hurt her friend, Travis Alexander, and that she was nowhere near his home when he was murdered on June 4th, 2008. Even after being told of the evidence investigators had against her, she still maintained that she hadn’t seen her one-time boyfriend since April.

The graphic sexual photos of Jodi and Travis, taken on the afternoon of June 4th, were shown to the jury today, as well as the photos taken of him showering just moments before his bloody body is being dragged across the floor. Though it’s been stated that he had asked her to take these photos of him in the shower, some of them seem to look like he’s not aware she’s there taking pictures. Creepy. A photo processor explained how the photos were retrieved from the camera, which was found in the washing machine of the home, even though they had been deleted. He also explained how the camera could have easily taken pictures by itself after falling to the floor; how just the slightest nudge to the button would snap a picture, like being bumped or kicked. Or grasped for as someone struggled for their life…

Graphic Crime Scene Photos Admitted Into Evidence in Jodi Arias Murder Trial

Mr. Martinez, prosecutor for the State of Arizona, made a point to state there were only 44 seconds between the last photo of Travis alive, and a photo that appears to be the camera dropping, capturing the bathroom ceiling of Travis Alexander’s Mesa, Arizona home. What happened in those 44 seconds? To demonstrate, he dropped the camera on the floor, asking if it took 44 seconds. At this point, the defense objected to him damaging evidence, and the jury was excused for the afternoon break. During this time, the defense also requested another mistrial, based on prosecutorial misconduct and some whining about not having gotten the text messages that they did eventually receive 2 years ago when they asked for them 3 years ago. Defending her and, really, finding any kind of loophole that may prevent her receiving the death penalty is what these lawyers are supposed to be doing. How else would a lawyer, given the evidence, get this client off? Perhaps there should have been more careful thought into an insanity plea.

The lead detective in this case, Esteban Flores, is seen talking to Jodi as she tries to explain why her trip from Yreka, CA, to Salt Lake City, Utah, took as long as it did. She sends the detective in a head spin trying to backpedal as to which roads she was on while getting “lost” and how her cell phone could’ve hit in certain areas. She also explains taking a nap in her car and being stranded as a reason she arrived in Utah a full day later than she had expected. After that, the detective seems to lay down the law, telling her that they have photographs of her at Travis’ house the day he was murdered. That they have her hair, in blood, follicle still intact. That they have her hand print, in Travis’ blood on the wall, with her blood mixed in it. She just seems baffled, which is now known to have been a lie. After this story that she wasn’t there doesn’t work, she comes up with another that she witnessed her friend being attacked by 2 other people and left him there to die. She is currently claiming that she stabbed him 29 times, slit his throat, and shot him in the head in self defense.

Jodi Arias Picture

Jodi Arias is a very convincing liar. If it weren’t for the towering mountains of evidence against her in this case, no one would probably think her capable of such a heinous crime. It’s likely she really thought she was going to get away with it. Shanna Hogan, who is covering the case, told Jane Velez-Mitchell that on the day Jodi was arrested, she was packing up her new rental car, apparently looking to flee. Found in her possession, several knives and a box of ammunition for the 9 mm she had stashed in the car. This just keeps getting worse and worse for Jodi. If she had any kind of brains, or self respect, for heaven sake, she would stand up, right in the middle of court and say, “Okay, I did it. I’m guilty.” Just to make it easier on herself. Even if she doesn’t get the death penalty, she won’t be getting out of prison anytime soon. Things are only going to get worse when they start revealing the literally hundreds of thousands of communications between Jodi and Travis, because, of course, they have them all, the text messages, emails, and social media connections. Can you imagine if every text you ever sent or received was made public? Especially after all of America has now seen, up close and personal, your, ehm, parts. She’s going down.

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