Jodi Arias Trial: The Defense Rests

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After nearly two and a half months of testimony, including 18 days by Jodi Arias herself, the defense has rested in the murder trial of Travis Alexander. They believe that the evidence they’ve presented is sufficient to prove that Jodi killed Travis in self-defense, rather than in a cold blooded premeditated slaying. What if you were the jury? There has been some evidence provided on both sides that could, if nothing else, call for a pause to consider the likelihood of what is being said.

Richard Samuels, a psychologist, and domestic violence expert Alyce LaViolette did what they were paid to do: to say that Jodi did, in fact, suffer from post traumatic stress, and that she was abused by her victim, in order to find a basis for her defense. She has made claims against Mr Alexander, a Mormon motivational speaker and entrepreneur, saying he was a pedophile who was often violent with her over the course of their relationship. Knowing that Ms. LaViolette was paid heftily for her testimony makes it easier to believe that she should have no trouble tarnishing her reputation in exchange for the payoff. As for the PTSD, wouldn’t you have it, too, if you stabbed someone you “loved” 27 times, slashed their throat, nearly decapitating them, and shot them in the head? That would surely qualify as a traumatic event, and one could speculate that it takes a sociopath to go on as if nothing had happened after such an event.

Dr. Janeen Demarte, expert witness for the prosecution, took the stand Tuesday morning. Her early testimony was little more than an eyeroll at the defense’s “expert” witnesses. She discussed the tests she had conducted on Jodi Arias and explaining how they differed from the defense witnesses. She also made mention that she had no understanding of why these witnesses would have needed to spend so much time with Jodi, or give her gifts, unless they felt personally connected to her, like feeling sorry for her or wanting her to be freed. In a trial, isn’t the expert testimony supposed to be unbiased?

There is still more information to come, as Dr. Demarte will be back on the stand after the lunch break. Though it hasn’t been 100% confirmed, there may be other rebuttal witnesses for the prosecution. Today marks day 48 in the trial, which has been going on since January 2nd, and as prosecutor Juan Martinez pointed out, the defense has already cost the tax payers of Arizona over $2 million. It looks like things may be starting to wrap up, despite the numerous requests for mistrials by the defense. Their stall tactics are not without merit, though, as their client faces the death penalty if convicted. Soon, her fate will be revealed.

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