Jodi Arias Trial To Begin… Again

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It’s like deja vu.  Just after the year kicks over to 2014, a new trial will begin for Jodi Arias.  On January 3, the sentencing phase of the trial is scheduled to begin, after the first jury was unable to reach a unanimous decision as to whether or not she should be sentenced to die for her crime.


As everyone surely remembers, Arias dominated media headlines for much of early 2013, standing trial after 4 and a half years, for the murder of her lover.  Travis Alexander was found brutally murdered in his bathroom in June 2008, and all evidence (and the victim’s friends) pointed fingers at the pretty blond who he had labeled a stalker.  Jodi claimed she was not there and would never do such a thing, but when confronted with damning photographs, she changed her tale.  She then claimed two masked intruders murdered Travis, but let her escape, and she didn’t call for help for fear that her family would be harmed.  Then, she changed her mind entirely, saying she did stab Travis 29 times, slit his throat, and shoot him in the head, in self-defense…  Some say she should have stuck with the intruders story.

The trial gave details into the private lives of these two people, one of which was no longer here to speak for himself, and the other, a pathological liar.  And the tales she did tell.  She spoke of how this man, who she claims to have loved and admired, was a pedophile and someone who used her for sex, despite his devotion to the Mormon faith.  She says he was abusive to her on numerous occasions and went out of is way to humiliate her.  Friends and relatives of Travis Alexander say no way.  The describe Travis as just short of sainthood, always going out of his way to help others, even handing out gift bags to the homeless.  Surely, somewhere in between those descriptions is the truth of who the man was, but in no way did he deserve what happened to him.

On May 8, Jodi Arias was found guilty of premeditated, first degree murder, something that will not be changed by the retrial of the sentencing phase.  New jurors will decide her fate, whether she will be put to death, or sentenced to life in prison.  This time around, there won’t be video cameras in the courtroom, which exponentially increased the amount of publicity surrounding the original trial, but there will likely still be frequent reports on the happenings.

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