Joe Arpaio Rounds Up Birther Posse

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Of all the birther bigots in the US, Sheriff Joe Arpaio is among the most despicable. It seems that the notorious sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona is rounding up a good ‘ole fashioned posse to further the anti-Obama club.

Just when you thought the whole birther thing was done and over with, the fruitcakes just keep finding ways to reinsert their far-out notions into the news. Arpaio, a frequent contributor on Fox News of all places, has rounded up a posse to reignite this bigoted movement in hopes of exposing some imaginary conspiracy involving President Obama and his citizenship.

This “cold case posse” allegedly contains as many as 3,000 people; some of which are celebrities like Lour Ferrigno and Steven Seagal. So, basically this league of not-that-incredible aging white men are on a mission to prove that President Barack Obama’s birth certificate is a forgery. So is Orly Taitz gonna play the part of Miss Kitty in this wild-west posse of racists? *wink, nudge.*

It’s quite saddening that no matter what Obama does, there will be people who are hiding behind this birther facade so as not to just admit the truth of the matter; and that’s racism, plain and simple. Take in to consideration that Joe Arpaio is also on a mission to rid the US of mexican immigrants. So now he’s trying to get rid of the black president. What gives?

If you don’t think this is a racist movie on Arpaio’s behalf, simply look up the origins of the word “posse” and either accept it or try hard to find an intelligent way to make an excuse for it; because no doubt about it, this birther crap is just getting old; and nobody with a 3-digit IQ is entertaining the nonsense anymore.


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