Joe Biden’s Newest Gaffe: Becomes Defensive on Camera About a Free Cone and Comment on Taxes (VIDEO)

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Vice President Joe Biden was going to the help himself to some frozen custard and asked the owner how much he owed for this bit of custard.  The owner joked with Vice President Biden and said that if he lowered taxes he could have it on the house.  Now while the owner was joking with Biden, the Vice President chose to say to the owner “Why don’t you say something nice instead of being a smartass all the time?”

Now Biden knew a camera was present and when there is a camera present it is so possible for a microphone to be present as well.  When is our country’s vice president going to realize that he needs to either keep his mouth shut or begin testing microphones to see if they are on before speaking.  This is getting embarrassing.

It seems that he is one of many individual’s who can not seem to grasp the concept that the world is not going to let slips like this go unreported.  In a viral world where nothing is private and is long lasting a little thought before speaking would do the world a world of good.

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