Joe Giudice’s Court Date — New Information

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Joe Giudice will soon be heading back to court to address his fraud case. The Real Housewives of New Jersey husband was caught with a driver’s license that featured a photo of him but the information of his brother a couple of years ago after his own driver’s license was taken after he was charged with DUI. Joe is being accused of taking his brother’s information to the DMV and obtaining the fraudulent ID.

According to All Things RH, a status conference regarding Joe’s case will take place on April 1 and determine if his plea bargain will be accepted or not. If the parties don’t agree on the plea, a trial date will be set, but if they do agree, a second status conference will be set. It’s a long process and an unfortunate one for someone with kids and a wife, but he did something illegal so it’s only fair that he pay for that.

A source tells the news site that Joe and his legal team are currently hard at work trying to decide on a plea bargain that will be both fair and just. “Word is they are working very hard to get a plea together,” the source says. “Joe says he won’t take the plea if it requires jail, but up until the moment the Prosecutor’s office insists on jail time.” Hopefully, for his kids’ sake, Joe won’t have to do any jail time, but if he does, it will be no one’s fault but his own.

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