Joe Gorga and Teresa Giudice Have a Strained Sibling Relationship Because of Joe Giudice?

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Joe Gorga and Teresa Giudice have had their fair share of sibling fights, but who is to blame for their strained relationship?

Teresa’s brother blames Joe, her husband, for their family problems and drama. This hardly seems fair to place the blame on one person in the family, but according to Wetpaint, Joe stated the following when he was asked if their relationship had improved.

“Not really. What you see it what you get I’m always trying and I think her husband’s a big wedge in it and I believe he changed her; so it’s tough, but I’ll always keep trying.”

Melissa Gorga of course has been a major player in this family feud. Teresa and Melissa have had words several times throughout the season and do not ever seem to really want to become close.

While Joe Giudice continues to slam his wife’s family on the Real Housewives of New Jersey, now it is doubtful the gang will reconcile. No one knows if Joe Gorga and Teresa Giudice will ever become close again, but who knows Season 5 is always possible, right?

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