Joe Jonas’ album cover is hot!

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Joe Jonas looks amazingly hot – and all grown up – on the cover of his new album! If you didn’t like him before, you may want to have another look because this guy is pretty fine!
JoeJonasSep10 2
Hollywood Life has some of the shots that will be used in Joe’s upcoming album pages. He’s sporting some scruff, some sweat, and some major sexy – and the girls are going crazy! His solo album, Fast Life, is due out later this year and it’s already sounding like it’s going to be huge!

Aside from his good looks, Joe has talent, and his album will likely have great success. He’s doing some collaborations and seems to be testing the waters with more dance/pop than regular pop, which is really what’s popular nowadays.

If you were not planning on buying his new album because his music doesn’t impress you, have a look at the pictures that will be in the booklet inside – maybe you’ll change your mind!

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