Joe Jonas and Ashley Greene Dating – “Jashley” Rumors Continue (Video)

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Joe Jonas and Ashley Greene may be dating, just like many believe that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are.  However, much like the Twilight duo, Jonas and the other Twilight girl appear to be keeping things very private.

43396, LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - Monday August 9, 2010. Ashley Greene of Twilight and Joe Jonas spotted spending the afternoon together, grabbing coffee and riding in the same car. The two have fueled speculation that they're dating, after being spotted having lunch together on several occasions late last month. Greene made an appearance at Wet Republic over the weekend in Vegas. Photograph: Anthony,

The August 9th photo above shows Jonas and Greene after they grabbed coffee together and then left in the same vehicle.  On Monday August 16th, The Jonas Brothers stopped by to talk on “Fox and Friends”, fielding questions from the hosts as well as young fans who were there.  Among the topics were charity work, Camp Rock’s new film, and of course personal questions.  The JoBros be in “Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam” which debuts September 3rd.  Joe just recently turned 21 years-old and didn’t get the puppy he asked for, but he may have the gift of Ashley Greene as his girl. However Joe was a bit political in his answer.

Fox’s Steve Doocy asked a question to Joe on behalf of Tiger Beat magazine, “What’s the deal with you and Ashley Greene?”  Joe responded with “Like we said, we try to balance personal and professional, so I keep that on the personal side”.  Good answer Joe, keep em’ guessing!

So despite the photos and rumors of the two dating, there’s no confirmation from Joe.  Ironically, brother Kevin Jonas mentions Demi Lovato in the interview too.  Lovato and Joe Jonas were formerly linked in a romance, but broke up as of May 2010.  Lovato just recently celebrated her 18th birthday, not long after Joe celebrated the big 2-1.

Check out the video interview below for more from The Jonas Brothers.  There’s a great question from a young viewer Zack who asks “How come you guys don’t get thrown in jail like Lindsay Lohan?”

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