Joe Jonas and Ashley Greene–Joe Debunks Reconciliation Myth

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Joe Jonas and Ashley Greene aren’t getting back together, as many of the tabloids have been saying. A rumor circulating in the past few days has them practically reconciled–but it’s just that–a rumor.

According to a report from Hollywood Life, Joe even confirmed his single status earlier Monday on The Ryan Seacrest Show.

It seems the whole rumor started back on September 23rd at the Tao Nightclub in Las Vegas. Ashley and Joe were spotted there laughing, talking, and seemingly enjoying one another’s company. Well, they may have been enjoying each other’s company, but Joe says that’s absolutely all they enjoyed.

“I’m sorry to disappoint all those ‘Jashley’ fans, but if ‘Hooking up’ is you talking about ‘making out’ that unfortunately didn’t happen,” Joe Jonas told Ryan Seacrest.

Good for Joe Jonas. Even though he no longer wears his purity ring that he and his Jonas Brothers brothers weJoe jonasre once noted for–he still has some standards–and a cheap hookup isn’t part of who he is.

Did you think Joe Jonas and Ashley Greene were getting back together? Did you think the singer and the Twilight star were destined to be together? Hopefully you’re not too awfully disappointed, because it seems the myth has been completely debunked.

Joe Jonas is still single. Ladies?

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